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  1. Pressure Washer 870905Pressure Washer 870905 [Article]
    ...for the above model. Do you have a replacement an...replacement and how much does it cost? Answer: ... email. Thanks for asking,

  2. 835279 27 Gallon Air Compressor835279 27 Gallon Air Compressor [Article]
    Question: Where can I find a parts diagram and/or repair manual for this unit. Thank you. Answe...

  3. replacement partsreplacement parts [Article]

  4. Battery upgradeBattery upgrade [Article]
    Question" Second question: Is there an upgrade for my drill from NiCd to Li ion batteries? My current battery is model 691240 Answer: This was answered via my email.

  5. Replacement batteriesReplacement batteries [Article]
    Question: My drill uses the model 691240 battery. It is near dead, won't hold a charge. I can get the model 840045 battery easily, is this battery model compatible with my drill? A

  6. zeon socketszeon sockets [Article]
    Question: do you have these in deep well? than...

  7. Model 783-L-1 leg replacementModel 783-L-1 leg replacement [Article]
    ...nted to know if I can still replace it? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  8. Replacement caseReplacement case [Article]
    Question: Hi, I have a socket set and carrycase...e tabs snap and am wondering if you do a replaceme

  9. oil filteroil filter [Article]
    Question: i have a 870531C model. The instruction manual makes ...r an oil filter. What oil filter does it take, and from where can ...

  10. MastergripMastergrip [Article]
    Question: I am looking at your Mastergrip pass through socket set. What is the warranty of this s...

  11. Where to buyWhere to buy [Article]
    Question: Good morning, We are looking for 2 things, in conjunction with 480902 206 Piece Rotary Tool Set 1. More details (what's the difference between 481017, for example) 2. Where to

  12. light size for work flood lamplight size for work flood lamp [Article]
    Question: I have a lamp without a halogen bulb. I do not know ... The s/n (?) is: E 127434. Can you tell me what size it takes? ...

  13. How to purchase parts from youHow to purchase parts from you [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl, Maybe you can help me. I have tried to contact the parts department or anyon...

  14. pressure washerpressure washer [Article]
    Question: working great ... then motor would pulsate Answer: This was answered via my email. ...e Answer: This was answered via my email. Is your pressure washer working now? Please advise. ...

  15. battery charger for 21.6V  Kawaski cordless drillbattery charger for 21.6V Kawaski cordless drill [Article]
    Question: We are looking for the battery charger for this drill (we have 2 batteries & the dr...

  16. Twin Stackl Air ComkpressorTwin Stackl Air Comkpressor [Article]
    Question: I have the subject compressor that will not turn on. the manual says yhe motor overload switch has tripped. It also says I am to press motor thermal overload button (red), where

  17. 21.6V vs. 19.2V Tools21.6V vs. 19.2V Tools [Article]
    Question: I own a 21.6V Kawasaki Combo Tools Set. My batteries don't hold a charge as long as they used to and now my charger has gone out. I contacted AllTrade about a new charger and they

  18. Snap-on Ratcheting Tie-Downs recallSnap-on Ratcheting Tie-Downs recall [Article]
    Questioon: Can you let me know where the recall information is for the Snap-on Ratcheting Tie-Dow...

  19. Sams - Snap On 4 Pack Ratchet Straps RecallSams - Snap On 4 Pack Ratchet Straps Recall [Article]
    ...about a ratch recall. I have a set of the defecti...een first hand that they do fail. I cannot find t... cannot find the link on your website that

  20. part needed part needed [Article]
    ...essure washer. the part is the cap nut that holds down the spring/ball assembly inside the gun. It i...

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