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  1. hole bithole bit [Article]
    Question: Carl, I picked up a used 100 piece master grip accessory kit with all sorts of drill bits etc. It was used. In one of the slots is a series of hole bits. They are red and used

  2. Replacement part for Snap On Pressure WasherReplacement part for Snap On Pressure Washer [Article]
    Question: I need a new "gun" for a Snap-On pressure washer purchased in the summer of 2015 (2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM, Model #692024). I understand that they are currently out of stock at Alltrade,

  3. 6.0mm bubble flare die/adapter replacement6.0mm bubble flare die/adapter replacement [Article]
    Question: i bought a powerbuilt iso bubble flaring tool and the 6.0mm die/adapter broke.the nipple that goe's in the brake line broke off.i want to know how i can buy a replacement one.pleas

  4. Kawasaki 19.2 drill smokeKawasaki 19.2 drill smoke [Article]
    Question: We have a Kawasaki 19.2 cordless drill here at work that sees little use. Usually the batteries are dead, so they have to be charged each time we use it. Today I used it and smoke

  5. Recall on Kawasaki tool set chargerRecall on Kawasaki tool set charger [Article]
    ... from Costco around 2005 (drill, skill saw, flashlight, etc.) . The charger overheated and quit working yesterday. While res

  6. 648604 Upper Control Arm Bushing Service Kit (Kit 25) torque specs648604 Upper Control Arm Bushing Service Kit (Kit 25) torque specs [Article]
    Question: Hi, I had the screw cap part fail on my very first use of 648604 Upper Control Arm Bushing Service Kit (Kit 25), and I didn't even approach the 90ft-lbs that my torque wrench was s

  7. Front end service kit #648626Front end service kit #648626 [Article]
    ... is about the Front end service kit. It states on your website that it has a Lifetime Warrantee. I c...me Warrantee. I currently own one of these sets I have had for many years a

  8. Question about 12pt socket designQuestion about 12pt socket design [Article]
    Question: Hi, I'm looking at purchasing one of the low profile ratchet/socket sets under the duralast, powerbuilt, or mastergrip lines. Each of these sets use 12 point sockets. I'm wondering

  9. alltrade rotary toolalltrade rotary tool [Article]
    ...lastic body has become sticky! How can I clean it? Answer: This was answered via my email. Did you try the alcohol and powder; did it help? Pl

  10. Pressure washerPressure washer [Article]
    ...) will NOT produce a high pressure spray for cleaning. I have tried various adjustments, but nothin...

  11. Re: batteriesRe: batteries [Article]
    Question: I have a cordless drill but the batteries have draine...drained after so may charges. Can you help me please. Drill is Pow...

  12. winchwinch [Article]
    Question: looking for operating instructions for powerbuilt 2000 lb winch Answer: You receive...ou received the instructions via my email. Thank you for the feedback. Carl

  13. RecallRecall [Article]
    ...stion: I purchased some ratchet straps and they have been recalled. I was instructed to carry them...

  14. pressure washerpressure washer [Article]
    ...n 2000 psi pressure washer. Where can I buy one? Answer: This was answered via my email. Were you able to order

  15. compressor 647376compressor 647376 [Article]
    Question: looking for piece no 63name collector what is the price please Answer: I answered y...

  16. Green paintGreen paint [Article]
    Question: I'm restoring an old Alltrade 3.5# axe and am trying to repaint using the Alltrade green. I thought it was safety green, however from what I can tell, it's not. Is there an Alltrad

  17. Cooling System Pressure Tester - Model # 940427  Kit # 70Cooling System Pressure Tester - Model # 940427 Kit # 70 [Article]
    ...he black plastic stem that holds the pressure gauge is cracked on both sides of the square stem and in

    Question: My Snap on pressure washer(871394) is not working correctly, pump cycling on and off during use with trigger activated. It was received March 9, 2016. Seller toolsmithdirect advise

  19. powerbuilt 1500 motorcycle liftpowerbuilt 1500 motorcycle lift [Article]
    ...manual for the motorcycle jack and can't remember how to use it correctly. Any place to purchase or download the manual? Thanks for any help. Ans

  20. Work Light Tri-podWork Light Tri-pod [Article]
    Question: I have a ( very old) set of tripod stand, Halogen work...someone broke one of the legs. Do you have replacement parts ? I ca...ave replacement parts ? I cannot find a mode

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