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  1. Snap-on Compressor Inflation GunSnap-on Compressor Inflation Gun [Article]
    Question: Dear Carl, We've recently purchased a Snap-on Model 870931 Air Compressor. The unit came with a variety of connectors and attachments. One of the attachments is a tire inflation

  2. Snap-on Pressure Washer ProblemsSnap-on Pressure Washer Problems [Article]
    Question: I have a Snap-on pressure washer model 870905 that I bought at Menards in Maple Grove MN last year. I was pressure washing my deck today when it slowed and stopped and smoked. Th

  3. need partneed part [Article]
    Question: Hi, I need the valve plate for a kawasaki compressor model 691743. The part number I think is 691743-6 and the o-ring. Where I can buy these part around Montreal, Canada ? Thanks

  4. Alltrades air compressorAlltrades air compressor [Article]
    Question: I have a 2012 Alltrades air comp. 3,5 HP- 11 gal cap. It goes up in pressure then discharges air back down to about 20 psi, which is annoying. The control consists of a linne from

  5. older alltrade ratchet screw driver.older alltrade ratchet screw driver. [Article]
    Question: I have an older ratchet screwdriver, that needs the bits however this screwdriver has a hex insert that has two of the ends a bit elongated. If I insert a regular hex shaft bit the

  6. Air Plus Alltrade 3/8 Reversible ratchetAir Plus Alltrade 3/8 Reversible ratchet [Article]
    Question: I need the manual for my ratchet. It came in a kit with an Air Hammer, Air Wrench, and ratchet with some other goodies. It is jammed and I would like to see what is wrong.

  7. drill size for 516-18 thread repair set #647954drill size for 516-18 thread repair set #647954 [Article]
    Question: Please give me the drill size required for you thread repair set #647954. Answer: The proper drill bit size is F. Thanks for asking, Carl

  8. Owners ManualOwners Manual [Article]
    ...F file of the owners manual for Snap-on 20 gallon air compressor Component 691915 Model 870765? Tha...

  9. Drill Bit Size for 5/16 Thread repair kitDrill Bit Size for 5/16 Thread repair kit [Article]
    Question: Carl What drill bit do I need for for this kit (kit# 647954)? I cannot find the answer anywhere Thanks Paul Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks f

  10. warranty replacement of utility knifewarranty replacement of utility knife [Article]
    Question: I have 2 of your automatically loading utility knives that no longer work. It is my understanding that these tools come with a lifetime guarantee. How do I return these utility k

  11. need a new drain plug for 5 gallon compressorneed a new drain plug for 5 gallon compressor [Article]
    Question: I was emptying the air tank and drain plug was under pressure and flew in my yard haven...nd it yet need another one. its a 5 gal twin tank compressor model #830241 what do I ne

  12. Kawasaki 840703 air compressorKawasaki 840703 air compressor [Article]
    Question: My air compressor's built-in breaker keeps tripping when it reaches 45psi. How do I fix...

  13. Battery ChargerBattery Charger [Article]
    Question: Good Evening: Carl I Have A Kawasaki 9.2 V Drill & Accessories Kit With Charger #690543 It Charges Slide In Batteries I Would Like To Know Where I Can Get A New Charger Or Get

  14. trades pro 27 gallon air tanktrades pro 27 gallon air tank [Article]
    Question: I have on of these air tanks which has two pressure gages one has bit the dust will it work safely with one gage Answer: This was answered via my email and I adv

  15. Kawasaki 1/2in 12v Impact WrenchKawasaki 1/2in 12v Impact Wrench [Article]
    ...son borrow it and it started blowing the fuse. Still blows them. What can be wrong and can it be repaired? Answer:

  16. twin stack air compresor Pricetwin stack air compresor Price [Article]
    Question: Hi, could you give me the price ? 5 gallon, 3 peak HP. Delivery at USA. Thanks for your answer. Answer: Please go to www

  17. oil sight glassoil sight glass [Article]
    ...ion: The oil sight glass broke on my Trades Pro air compressor. The original part number is 830241...

  18. Snap-On compressor model # 691915Snap-On compressor model # 691915 [Article]
    Question: the compressor doesn't seem to shut off. I have 1 regulator set at 80 lbs and the other set at 100. It hits 125 lbs on the main gauge then I shut it off with the switch. If I switc

  19. Need manual for snap-on compressor model # 69191Need manual for snap-on compressor model # 69191 [Article]
    Question: Need manual for snap-on compressor model # 69191 Answer: Please advise if you received the manual I sent via my email. Thanks, Carl

  20. 835501 compressor835501 compressor [Article]
    Question: Sirs, I have a 835501 6 gal compressor that I think was bought at Tractor Supply last summer. For some reason the manifold that the regulator outlet, outlets, and gauges has st

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