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  1. Twin Stackl Air ComkpressorTwin Stackl Air Comkpressor [Article]
    Question: I have the subject compressor that will not turn on. the manual says yhe motor overload switch has tripped. It also says I am to press motor thermal overload button (red), where

  2. Small (Yellow handled) Dual-headed pliersSmall (Yellow handled) Dual-headed pliers [Article]
    Question: Mine, which I dearly love, just disassembled themselves. I have all the pieces (4 washers, two handles, the plier head and the two pieces of the pin that holds everything together

  3. Powerbuilt 648477 questionPowerbuilt 648477 question [Article]
    Question: This is a two part question, first off I work for the U.S military as a mechanic and our shop is possibly looking at purchasing your tools. Second is my question about your Powerb

  4. 1871-N-9 pneumatic Brad nailer1871-N-9 pneumatic Brad nailer [Article]
    Question: I have the Brad nailer model 1871-N-9. It has cease to fire. After I disassembled the piston and drive I found the o rings were in good condition but 2 nylon bushings have disinteg

  5. Alltrade 2 1/4 ton floor jackAlltrade 2 1/4 ton floor jack [Article]
    ... Alltrade. I have lost lift height gradually over the last year and I am wondering if it just needs air bleeding and what the proper

  6. 3/8 Air Ratchet Wrench Model-1802-A-1333/8 Air Ratchet Wrench Model-1802-A-133 [Article]
    Question: Hello My ratchet is froze up. I suspect some moisture (water) may have formed rust inside as it sat for many months before I tried to use it. Is there anything I can do to unfreeze

  7. Stool disassemblyStool disassembly [Article]
    Question: I have a Snap On Stool P/N 870999C bought at Costco. I have the assembly instructions manual but now I need to put the stool back into its original box and I haven't succeeded int

  8. air compressor 27 gallonsair compressor 27 gallons [Article]
    Question: what is the price for air compressor trades pro 5hp 27 gallons Answer: Via my email...

  9. JACK 647530 FLUID LEAKJACK 647530 FLUID LEAK [Article]
    ...uilt model 647530 3.5 ton floor jack . I would also like to know the price and availability of a repair kit for this jack.

  10. crewline motorcycle liftcrewline motorcycle lift [Article]
    ... day, it has been in storage for some time. It won't pump up, it has oil in it. I tried purging the air per my manual, I tried seating valves per manual

  11. compressor failurecompressor failure [Article]
    Question: Compressor motor will not start, previously clattered quite a bit. Oil levels fine. Reset motor, it hums briefly but won't run. Twin cylinder 5gal. 3peak hp powerbuilt hot rod s

  12. part number 830241-22 crank case coverpart number 830241-22 crank case cover [Article]
    Question: I'm looking to buy a part for my air compressor, I got the part number for the manual. ...

  13. list pricelist price [Article]
    ...www.alltradetools.com/catalog/28-835279-27-gallon-air-compressor.html thank you Steve Answer: T...

  14. Alltrade 10Alltrade 10 [Article]
    ...ofessional Table Saw Manual Model #1987-B-10M. Just got this. This thing is built tough. Thanks, Blair..... Ans

  15. Owners ManualOwners Manual [Article]
    ...wners manual for a Kawasaki Brute Force 20 gallon air compressor model #692200. Thanks. Answer: ...

  16. Snap On 870765 manual 20 gallon air compressor manualSnap On 870765 manual 20 gallon air compressor manual [Article]
    ...F file of the owners manual for Snap-on 20 gallon air compressor Component, model 870765? Thanks!!! ...

  17. CrewLine Lift Model #480559 Part NeededCrewLine Lift Model #480559 Part Needed [Article]
    Question: Hi, I have the Crewline Garage Jack Model 480559. The connector (flex coupler??) that connects the Power Unit Assembly (#24 on parts list) to the Handle or Handle Base (#17 on pa

  18. Snap-on air compressor model#870765 pressure switchSnap-on air compressor model#870765 pressure switch [Article]
    Question: I need to adjust the pressure switch on my compressor. Is there a diagram to show which adjustment is for what? Answer: As you know we have been corresponding via m

  19. 2 gal compressor #8302112 gal compressor #830211 [Article]
    Question: got this from my dad after he pasted , like new condition , runs fine ,but not build more than 20-30 max pressure , runs but just stays between that pressures. on my work sh

  20. Compressor regulatorCompressor regulator [Article]
    Question: I have an alltrade compressor which will only reach 35psi even though it should reach 100psi. How do I adjust the regulator? Answer: Have you solved your compresso

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