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  1. Trigger Assembly for 19.2V Cordless Pistol DrillTrigger Assembly for 19.2V Cordless Pistol Drill [Article]
    I need one of the above - Please.... I have purchased now 2 new batteries and a new charger but now the trigger on my drill motor gives me fits...it only works halve power in mid- range. I am the ow...

  2. 5 gallon twin tank air compressor 5 gallon twin tank air compressor [Article]
    ...50 lbs-but motor still operates. The pressure gauge will not go over 50 lbs. pressure. This is a fairly new unit (3-4 years) with little

  3. trades pro 11gallon compressor leaks air from the relief valve immediatelytrades pro 11gallon compressor leaks air from the relief valve immediately [Article]
    Hi, as soon as I turn on my air compressor, air immediately begins to leak from the relief valve. Is...

  4. Alltrade air compressor can't build pressureAlltrade air compressor can't build pressure [Article]
    I have an Alltrade model 460768 5 gallon air compressor, rated at 115 psi. But today I wasn't able ...

  5. PDF manual neededPDF manual needed [Article]
    I need a manual for this air compressor: 2 Gal Hot Dog Air Compressor JobSmart Air Compressor 1...

  6. Oil leak - 5 gallon twin stack compressorOil leak - 5 gallon twin stack compressor [Article]
    We own an Alltrade twin stack 5 gallon air compressor (model #480768) that we bought from either Hom...

  7.  Kawasaki 840703 Kawasaki 840703 [Article]
    I bought one of the twin tank kawasaki air comp. used it 5 or 6 times and it doesnt have much pressure anymore. Upon inspection i noticed that only 1 of the 2 tanks is showing pressure on the guage. T...

  8. SCFM ratingSCFM rating [Article]
    I have the Alltrade Hurricane air tool set model 630022. I was trying to find out what the necessary... rating is for these tools so I can get the right compressor.

  9. Compressor OilCompressor Oil [Article]
    Good day, I just purchased a snap-on compressor Model 870765C at Costco and when I unpacked it when I got home I noticed oil all over the plastic packaging. Read the instructions and it said the u...

  10. returns for warrantyreturns for warranty [Article]
    ...s like not engaging fully. I believe it has a 2 year warranty. How do I return this for warranty repairs?

  11. jackjack [Article]
    I have a 2 ton double pump jack that leaks down model #480578 s/n FH0405 4494 is there a repair kit avail. for it if so how much

  12. trades pro air compressortrades pro air compressor [Article]
    where can i find the panel for a 835501 6 Gallon Portable Air Compressor? just need to replace the panel.

  13. Snap-on 2700PSI pressure washer model 870599Snap-on 2700PSI pressure washer model 870599 [Article]
    Question: un able to locate a instruction manuel for product or assistance on parts and repairs for this model. runs surging and then stops. unable to use for any thing more than a few minutes

  14. 830210 compressor manual830210 compressor manual [Article]
    Question: Hello: I recently inherited a TradesPro 830210 compressor in fine shape. would it be possible to obtain the proper manual for this compressor to round out my toolbox ? (PDF perhaps?) T

  15. Air compressor #647376Air compressor #647376 [Article]
    ...unit 3 years ago and last week it stopped pumping air and it sprayed compressor oil around my garage...

  16. Trade Pro 2HP 4 Gal AC Model 830210 S/N 0307Trade Pro 2HP 4 Gal AC Model 830210 S/N 0307 [Article]
    Question: My wife bought a used Air Compressor (subject). Even when oil level is low it blows excessive oil out of the crankcase vent. I suspect a seal problem in the cylinder and am going to inve

  17. 5 Gal compressor5 Gal compressor [Article]
    Question: Hi i have a 5 Gal 3 Hp Hotrod powerbuilt compressor. The compressor will build up to 50 lbs and will not cut out. I have consulted the guide book and folwed the tips but nothing i do wor

  18. #830238-25gal comp.#830238-25gal comp. [Article]
    Question: I own Mod. #830238 compressor with 3.2 cfm max air delivery@ 90psi. Is there any possibl...

  19. Snapon pressure washer model 691583Snapon pressure washer model 691583 [Article]
    Question: Hi Carl, I'm looking for a repair manual for the pressure washer. It works only in one second bursts and can't build pressure. Is there a manual I can download? What are your sugge

  20. air conpresureair conpresure [Article]
    Questin: I need to get a stater for the electric motor do you where i can get one? Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

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