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  1. 10" bench table saw parts10" bench table saw parts [Article]
    I am look at purchasing a used 10" bench table saw Alltrade brand model #1986-B-10N the challenge is that the teeth that allows the blade adjustment angle and to lower the blade is worn, are there any...

  2. TradesPro 830210 Air CompressorTradesPro 830210 Air Compressor [Article]
    ...an I get a manual for this iem. It compreses to about 60 psi and then stops and the valve release air until around 40psi and theen strars again. Any suggestions. Thanks Joe

  3. trades pro 835576 air compressortrades pro 835576 air compressor [Article]
    my compressor has stoped building more than 50psi. it is still sucking air on the 1 cylinder but it ...

  4. Manual for 480768Manual for 480768 [Article]
    I recently purchased an All Trade Compressor 480768 and would like a manual for it. It there one available online?

  5. dead motordead motor [Article]
    I bought a Trades Pro Air compressor from KREGAN AUTO PARTS ABOUT $ YEARS AGO< AND ONLY RAN IT ABOUT A DOZEN TIMES> Toe morot quit working, so I took to a electric motor expert who told me that the wi...

  6. air compressor #835576air compressor #835576 [Article]
    I have this compressor one cyclinder is sucking air and the other is blowing out the filter. Do I ne...

  7. Seized compressor?Seized compressor? [Article]
    I have a Hot Rod Series 5 Gallon air compressor that hasn't been used in a while and won't pump air....

  8. 5" vise parts5" vise parts [Article]
    I have an ALLTRADE #299-V-5 vise. I need to repair it, but it also says "Life-time Warranty" on it. Can you provide some guidance? Where can I find the parts list for this vise and where can I orde...

  9. oiloil [Article]
    ...t kind of oil do i put in my trades pro 30 gallon air compressor? Also how much oil?

  10. 20 gallon compressor20 gallon compressor [Article]
    Hello Carl..i just buy a Snapon 20 gallon compressor.is that ok if some air goes out buy a pin hole ...

  11. Trades Pro Twin Tank Air CompressorTrades Pro Twin Tank Air Compressor [Article]
    The compressor is about 2 years old and worked fine until recently. I started up and it never really got going and sounded like it was fading out. It did stop and I cannot get it restarted. I have gen...

  12. Recall of 19.2v drillRecall of 19.2v drill [Article]
    ...bers on the drill that I p;urchased at Costco. They are 691234 and 3076022. Hope that you can repair or ? because it

  13. hydrolic jack repair kithydrolic jack repair kit [Article]
    Hi, I have Alltrade 3 ton Garage Jack that doesn't work and need a manual/repair kit if you have. Would you tell me whether I am ablt to repair it or have to take it to a dealer? Thanks

  14. Parts and ServiceParts and Service [Article]
    Hello, I have a 481214 5 Gallon Twin Tank Compressor with Air Hose and I want to know if there is a dealer in Mexico (parts and service). Thank you.

  15. 803210 compressor803210 compressor [Article]
    ... kind of oil to use in my trades pro model 830210 air compressor or just send an owners manual pleas...

  16. Model 480768Model 480768 [Article]
    My compressor will not go over 40 pounds and continues to run after reaching the 40 pound mark. Any idea of what the problem could be?

  17. Rotary Tool RepairRotary Tool Repair [Article]
    I have an alltrade rotary tool that I bought at Costco and want to have it repaired in Mexico (the tool lock broke) Can you lease send me the contact info of the Alltrade rep in Mexico city? Thank...

  18. Alltrade Air compressorAlltrade Air compressor [Article]
    I have an Alltrade twin tank 5 gal air compressor. The knob that controls the pressrure is off and ...

  19. tank drain fittingtank drain fitting [Article]
    I need a tank drain fitting for 835408 3 Gallon Air Compressor. Just the cap.

  20. 647376 5 Gallon Twin Tank Air Compressor 647376 5 Gallon Twin Tank Air Compressor [Article]
    Hello, I have the 647376 5 Gallon Twin Tank Air Compressor. The compressor will not pressure up. the problem i think i found is the "oin valve"(?) at the motor pum outlet has a o ring that is gone. So...

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