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  1. CompressorCompressor [Article]
    I have a TradesPro compressor, model 830241. Although 5 years old, I just took it out of the box. Never been used. I filled it with compressor oil to the red dot and started it. It runs fine but doesn...

  2. 25 gallon air compressor25 gallon air compressor [Article]
    I have a 25 gallon, 4 year, alltrade compressor that I haven't used. I put oil in it but it doesn't work. Di I have to make any adjustments to it? When I turn it on, it doesn't make the normal sound a...

  3. Snap on 2000psi pressure washer leakSnap on 2000psi pressure washer leak [Article]
    ...eason is leaking from inside. An inaccessible clear tube line appears to be detached. Any way to repair?

  4. Alltrade wire cutters/strippersAlltrade wire cutters/strippers [Article]
    I purchased a couple of pairs of Alltrade wire cutter/stripper combination tools here in South Africa about a year ago. They are fantastic tools and are ideal for panel wiring where one is using vario...

  5. tradespro air compressor gaskettradespro air compressor gasket [Article]
    Carl I have contacted this company three times and I get put on hold with no return. what is going on? Is this a real company or just a front. give me a call at 727 637 5976 and let me know something....

  6. All trade air socketAll trade air socket [Article]
    Model # 1806-a-141 there are 4 settings on dial at bottom, what psi is ech setting regulated at?

  7. Air compresor motorAir compresor motor [Article]
    I have an Air Plus 2 gallon air compressor with a motor that has burned up and am looking to get a n...

  8. Air compressorAir compressor [Article]
    Hi. I have a TradesPro air compressor. I need the motor cover gasket. The model is #830210 and the s...

  9. 21.6 Drill21.6 Drill [Article]
    Hi, I have a 21. V baterry operated drill (#691758) bought from Costco one year back. It's on/off switch is not working properly.It works up to half way and not working when push full way. Please...

  10. Powerbuilt 5 gallon compressorPowerbuilt 5 gallon compressor [Article]
    Hello, I went to use my compressor and it just hums at the switch location. Do I need to replace the pressure switch and if so which one would I buy. Cheers

  11. Kawasaki 20 gallon compressor Kawasaki 20 gallon compressor [Article]
    Will not compress air,I found what looks like a broken reed valve on the valve plate,will need parts...s 691743-5 & 691743-7, can you supply these parts?compressor co

  12. TradesPro 830210 Air Compressor Manual WantedTradesPro 830210 Air Compressor Manual Wanted [Article]
    Hi. I've searched all over your site, but cannot find a users / parts manual for my compressor. It'z a TradesPro 830210 Air Compressor. why is this manual not available on your website> and how do ...

  13. Compressor Model 830210Compressor Model 830210 [Article]
    Hi. I have two model 830210 compresors. One leaks oil from the front seal and the other will only work once I have disconnected the pressure switch at the entrance to the tank. Once that is done an...

  14. Dual Drive Torque WrenchDual Drive Torque Wrench [Article]
    Dear Sir, I recently bought one of your torque wrenches and am pleased with the tool itself. The question that I have is probably a dumb one for someone that is just learning how to use other than no...

  15. AllTrade air compressorAllTrade air compressor [Article]
    I have an older AllTrade aircompressor, Model # 480768, Serial # 0504021599. It was purchased at Cos...

  16. Alltrade Air compressor 835486Alltrade Air compressor 835486 [Article]
    I need a replacement air filter for this? Where can I buy one? Thank You

  17. AllTrade Airplus paint shopAllTrade Airplus paint shop [Article]
    Could you sernd the instructions manual for the paint gun? We cannot find it and we have a project to do. Or instructions on how to use it. Thanks

  18. Replacement cover partReplacement cover part [Article]
    I just bought a used air compressor, Trades pro Model 830240. The cover over the electrical motor i...

  19. wARRANTY REPAIRPowerbuilt 4 pc 2/3 Jaw Reversible Puller set  KIt 43 model #648613.wARRANTY REPAIRPowerbuilt 4 pc 2/3 Jaw Reversible Puller set KIt 43 model #6486... [Article]
    I have Powerbuilt 4 pc 2/3 Jaw Reversible Puller set KIt 43 model #648613. 2/3combo yoke&8/16x7 nf center bolt are stripped need replacement???? the local kragens will not honor the warranty.?...

  20. Blown head gasketBlown head gasket [Article]
    I have a "snap-on" air compressor that I sadly bought on line from a non reputable seller. The head...

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