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  1. Powerbuilt Valve Spring Compressor #940541Powerbuilt Valve Spring Compressor #940541 [Article]
    Question: Hello, I purchased a brand new Valve spring compressor tool #940541. Which is an excellent tool by the way. But as this tool is brand new it appears to have a defect on the threads

  2. 835534 compressor835534 compressor [Article]
    Question: is there a valve kit available for the above unit ? Answer: This was answered via my email and I asked for additional information. Still awaiting your reply.

  3. Master Grip 3/8Master Grip 3/8 [Article]
    Question: My master grip ratchet broke - model # CT-V Can I get a replacement for this broken tool? I bought it locally about 9 months ago to pull used parts and the tool failed completely P

  4. helphelp [Article]
    Question: Dear: I get one compressor and I missing the filter 11 gallons I find a tag pls don't return to store call or contac this # Answer: This was answered via my email.

  5. 5 Gallon/3 HP Compressor Leaking Oil5 Gallon/3 HP Compressor Leaking Oil [Article]
    Question: I have 5 Gallon (2 tank)/3 HP compressor that is leaking oil at the bottom of the crank case cover. I have tightened all the screws, but it still leaks. What could be the problem

  6. alltrade aircompressoralltrade aircompressor [Article]
    Question: i cant seem to find the price for any of your items Answer: This was answered via my email. Thanks for asking, Carl

  7. hot rod compressor model 647376hot rod compressor model 647376 [Article]
    Question: HI! Do you have parts for tha compressor in subject. On mine the aluminum part that d...t. On mine the aluminum part that distribute the airand holds gauge (kind of manifold) is badly bro...

  8. compressor oilcompressor oil [Article]
    Question: What weight of oil do I use in the 2 Gallon Trades Pro Compressor? Answer: We recommend using SAE30 weight synthetic oil as it flows freely at all temperatures.

  9. Kawasaki air compressor partKawasaki air compressor part [Article]
    ...uestion: Do you have or know were I can buy the air regulator that is on a Kawasaki # 840703 compr...

  10. gasket for aircompressorgasket for aircompressor [Article]
    Question: aircompresser head gasket modlel # 830210 serial # o402 I cannot fined a parts # for this com.. It is a 2 hp. 4 gal. comp. Answer: This was answered via my email

  11. trades pro 10 gallon air compressor model 836561trades pro 10 gallon air compressor model 836561 [Article]
    compressor runs continually but does not get psi higher than 30 pounds.

  12. 5 gallon Kawasaki compressor5 gallon Kawasaki compressor [Article]
    My compressor red lines at 100 psi but does not shut off until 150 psi well into the red zone. It startes to rattle really loud. How do I reduce the psi when for the compressor to shut off at 100...

  13. 2 ton aluminum jack has  stopped lifting2 ton aluminum jack has stopped lifting [Article]
    I have model 480578, and built a Lotus Super 7 with it! Now, I use the jack to change from street tires to slicks, and it stopped lifting, making a "chirp" with each handle stroke. I purchased a bot...

  14. Power built - Alltrade Spring compressor model 648627 - need spare partsPower built - Alltrade Spring compressor model 648627 - need spare parts [Article]
    Where can I purchase or find replacement safety pins for the model # 648627 spring compressor? The safety pins have broken / bent to 90 degrees when using the compressor yesterday on my wifes' '05 For...

  15. Kawasaki cordless drillKawasaki cordless drill [Article]
    Greetings, I bought a Kawasaki 19.2 cordless drill a couple of years ago. It came with two 691034 batteries. W/in a short period of time the batteries failed to hold a charge. I put the unit aside an...

  16. model 480768 5gal compressormodel 480768 5gal compressor [Article]
    Pressure will not go above 40psi. Motor seems to be fine. Oil looked ok but changed any way. Is it a check valve or something like that?

  17. Reverse thread hex bolt part numberReverse thread hex bolt part number [Article]
    Carl, looking for subject mentioned on air compressor 835279 Alltrade Pro hex bolt. It is a rever...

  18. kawasaki light repairkawasaki light repair [Article]
    is there service for the kawasaki 10000000 candle power light in the akron ohio area. the bulb is good , the batteries are half strength, and yet it won't turn on.

  19. air compressor problemsair compressor problems [Article]
    ...to get pump to pump up.Seems to be sealed for now,but only ran about 1 min or 2 pumping extreme hot air.also changed pump o

  20. All Trade Air Plus Air Compressor partsAll Trade Air Plus Air Compressor parts [Article]
    I have a standup model 540011 125 psi air compressor that my father-in-law purchased for me about 8 ...

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