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  1. broken ratchetsbroken ratchets [Article]
    ...o broken (master grip) ratchets that I purchased in a kit from Costco. Where/How do I get them repaired/replaced? Thanks!! TC 678 326 7187 Answer: Thi

  2. Air Plus 42 PC. Air Tool SetAir Plus 42 PC. Air Tool Set [Article]
    Question: I am trying to find out how much this "Air Plus 42 PC. Air Tool Set" is new. Answer: This was answered via my email. The set was $54.99 MSRP when new but was

  3. 6 ton bottle jack leaking6 ton bottle jack leaking [Article]
    Question: Is my Alltrade Model 651-J-6, 6 ton bottle jack worth repairing or should I just toss it and move on. Lived in a box unopened for years until a few weeks ago. All hydraulic oil had

  4. Powerbuilt Automatic air/water hose reel Powerbuilt Automatic air/water hose reel [Article]
    Question: Powerbuilt Automatic air/water hose reel 50 foot 3/8 hose Answer: I had requested additional information via my email as I do not know what you are asking about thi

  5. electrical supply needs for a 5 hp alltrade air compressorelectrical supply needs for a 5 hp alltrade air compressor [Article]
    ...t guage, or amp level do I need Answer: No extension cord of any length should be used with any compressor due to the resultant v

  6. Air compressor does not startAir compressor does not start [Article]
    Question: Hi I used my compressor with a electrical extension (20 feet). It tried to start but stopped. I plugged it directly in the electric outlet on the wall. it still does not start.

  7. 8 Gallon Compressor 8354598 Gallon Compressor 835459 [Article]
    Question: Where can I get a manual for model# 835459 Alltrade Trades Pro? Answer: Sorry for the delay. The manual was sent via my email. It is a large file so please ad

  8. kawasaki 21.6v battery recallkawasaki 21.6v battery recall [Article]
    Question: On the website consumeraffairs.com it states that your company is recalling certain power tool batteries. Excerpts from the article are copied below, and indicate that the battery

  9. Manual for Air CompressorManual for Air Compressor [Article]
    ...looking for a manual for the Trades Pro 27 gallon air compressor, Model #835279. It's not listed on...

  10. alltrades compressor #830241alltrades compressor #830241 [Article]
    Question: won't restart after tanks are depleting Answer: This was answered via my email, but I forgot to ask you to let me know if Ron Sheldon was able to help you.

  11. manual for air compressormanual for air compressor [Article]
    ...looking for a manual for the trades pro 27 gallon air compressor model# 835268. I have a broken ree...

  12. Heat gunHeat gun [Article]
    Question: I got this dual range heat gun week ago for my birthday and not it make lound funny nosie spark and smoke comes out. So i was wounder if that still cover under the warranty right.

  13. 3/8in drive Ratchet warranty info3/8in drive Ratchet warranty info [Article]
    ...ooks like the one on your website Part Number 641520. I need to know what to do about getting it repaired or replaced.

  14. specs for air wrench model # 1806-a0141specs for air wrench model # 1806-a0141 [Article]
    Question: is there a manual for air wrench - heavy duty 1/2 sq drive model # 1806-a0141. what is the torque? Answer: The manual was sent to you via my email. Were your que

  15. snap on air compressorsnap on air compressor [Article]
    Question: rebuilding model 691915 air compressor and are wondering if vent plug for the crankcase...

  16. low air pressurelow air pressure [Article]
    Question: Sir I have a TradesPro mod. 835486 1.3HP 5gal tank. It will only pump to 30/35 lbs. It has a lot of blowby coming out of the oil filler cap. This unit was working just fine and wen

  17. sight glasssight glass [Article]
    ...plastic sight glass for a trades pro 2hp 4 gallon air compressor Answer: This was answered via m...

  18. Powerbuilt Valve Spring Compressor #940541Powerbuilt Valve Spring Compressor #940541 [Article]
    Question: Hello, I purchased a brand new Valve spring compressor tool #940541. Which is an excellent tool by the way. But as this tool is brand new it appears to have a defect on the threads

  19. 835534 compressor835534 compressor [Article]
    Question: is there a valve kit available for the above unit ? Answer: This was answered via my email and I asked for additional information. Still awaiting your reply.

  20. Master Grip 3/8Master Grip 3/8 [Article]
    Question: My master grip ratchet broke - model # CT-V Can I get a replacement for this broken tool? I bought it locally about 9 months ago to pull used parts and the tool failed completely P

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