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Socket wrench

I recently bought a Masterhand 1/2 in. micrometer torque wrench part #740258. I have read the manual that accompanied the tool. I cannot figure out how to remove the socket I attached to the drive. I've tried pressing the button at the top of the directional switch, but nothing happens. Please help. Thank you.

Hello Mark-I understand your dilemma-The torque wrench arbor(square portion) has a spring loaded retainer ball that holds a socket onto the arbor. What could be the problem is that when new, the spring has lots of tension and may require using a screwdriver blade between the socket and the wrench for removal and there is a second possibility that the wrench could have been subjected to either rain and/or heavy dew causing the spring that holds the retainer ball to rust.  In either case, you should use some WD 40 shot into that area to loosen the rust but since the unit appears to be new, the screwdriver should do the trick.  In event, nothing works, I would take the unit back to Tractor Supply for exchange.

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