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Table saw heeling
I have a Alltrade table saw, made in Taiwan, Model #1786-S-10; labeled "Performance Tough", 10" Professional. The blade is not aligned with the miter gauge slots nor the fence. The carriage hardware is bolted to the table top from underneath. So do you have instructions on how to align the carriage with the slots, and otherwise ensure its alignment with the motor. Thanks, Dave
Hello-Your unit is quite old but still a work horse that I'm very familiar with. I have a manual that I can copy for you and will send it after I receive your address. This unit was a private brand for the old "Home Depot". Truing the blade to the mitre slots on this unit can drive you nuts but I've found that some people have taken their unit to repair facility to make those adjustments. Send your address to  www.blankc@charter.net

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