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870010 Snap-On 21 Degree Round Head Framing Nailer

Hi I just purchased a 870010 Snap-On 21 Degree Round Head Framing Nailer. When I went to Home Depot to get nails I got blank stares when I told then it was for this nailer. I need more info than the manual shows on nail selection. Thanks Al
Hello-Sorry for the blank stares but there are some Hardware sales people who are knowledable and some not.  Round Head Framing Nails are standard and can be found in most all Hardware locations and the only basic difference would be the nail length and the style i.e. standard nails and Galvanized nails.  Home Depot does have the Passlode Brand and all you need is the length and the 21 degree units to fit your magazine. Brad and Finishing nails get more difficult due to the gauge but in your case, framing nails are framing nails.  Be careful when purchasing nails as there are clipped head nails that will not fit your gun and also are not approved for lumber construction that will require inspection by building inspectors.
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