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various broken tools

hi i have a few various broken tools and i was wondering how to get them replaced here is a list of what i have. 1. large pitman arm puller from kit model # 648626 is broken 2.plastic parts 1,6,7 from kit model/3648495 are broken 3.1/2" to 3/8 adapter is twisted 4. 3/16 allen wrench from set model#648661 is broken 5 3/8 ratchet only works in reverse( part number unknown) looks like part#641505 6.1/2 " drive torque wrench part # unknown looks like part#944003 only works in reverse 7.1/2 " drive torque wrench part unknown looks similar to part# 644999 but has a rubber handle. the selector came off and locked the torque wrench up. if there is a way to get these tools fixed or whatever i can do i would like to know, these are great tools and good tools are getting harder to find for a reasonable price. thank you very much
Hello=All powerbuilt lools carry a lifetime  warrany.  If there is only one or two items, call 1-800-423-3598 so they can replace them at once but in event you have a large quantity, please send me a list including the set model number so we can review the best way to handle any replacement.
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