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Where and how do I buy new parts for a compressor?


Last Sept. or Oct., I purchased a Powerbuilt, Hot Rod 5 gal. air compressor model #647376.
The compressor runs but no air pressure is builds up. I cannot take advantage of the warranty because I cannot find my purchase receipt. Consequently, since I am mechanically inclined, I disassembled part of the unit, to find a bolthead at the bottom of the crankcase. The related bolt, part # 647376-24 secures the crankshaft to the rotor which powers the piston.
I can repair this problem but I would like to know if the bolt in question is stress related like a sheer bolt and what should I buy locally? I cannot find any damage in my engine however something happened to cause the problem. Any ideas? I am afraid that once I replace the bolt, the unit will break down again.
Eventually, if I need parts will I be able to buy them here in Canada and preferably in the Ottawa area?


Hello Leo,
Sounds like you’re a good mechanic. No problem on a replacement bolt, just call our customer service 1-800-423-3598 and give them your model number so they can provide you with a replacement bolt.
Sorry for your inconvenience.

Many thanks for asking,


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