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Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adapter

The user guide that comes with this tool is poor, to say the least. There is no description of how to use the Trace and Peak modes. Also, setting the torque value setting is erratic, at best, and you cannot set low values.

I'm sorry to hear of your issues with the product. The owner's manual is
a bit vague and we are working on an improved version as we speak. 

The Peak mode is designed for use in applications where you can't see
the digital display while you're torquing a bolt due to visual
obstructions, etc. Since it records and holds the peak torque reading,
it can be handy to verify the correct torque was applied.

The Trace setting shows real time torque as it is applied and can assist
you in applying consistent pressure as you approach the desired torque

As far as erratic setting, can you further clarify what is happening?
We'll get it resolved to your satisfaction.  

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