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648424 AC / Fuel Line Disconnect


I am having trouble disconnecting fuel lines with this tool what is the proper way to use?


Follow these steps:

* Do not use with engine running

* Release fuel system pressure before disconnecting coupling. See manufacturer's service information for fuel system pressure release procedure

1.  Determine the appropriate size disconnect tool. The engagement lip should be approximately the same diameter as the spring or open side of fuel line fitting.

2.  If fuel fitting is equipped with a spring clip closure, release it by inserting a screwdriver tip between the legs of the clip and lifting up.

3. Open the tool slightly and slip the engagement lip over the fuel line facing the open or spring side of the fuel line fitting.

4. Close the tool to complete the circumference and insert engagement lip into fuel line fitting détente.

5. Push the tool into the fitting. It may be necessary to use two hands to back up the tool on the other side of the fitting. A "click" may be heard as fitting releases.

6. Separate pieces.


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