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21.6 V drill installing bits


I have a 21.6 V model 840266C Drill. No matter how tight I tighten the chuck, when I reverse the drill the bits loosen and fall out. Is there a way to keep the bit in while using the drill in reverse? This is a pain when you are removing screws. I have lost many bits by them falling out while moving from one location to the other.


The problem here is vibration that causes the chuck to loosen.  Generally the vibration is caused by the bit jamming in and out of the screw head, and is normally attributed to a bit that is worn.  Try a new bit and use more pressure against the drill handle to keep the bit fully recessed into the screw slots. On those screws that are hard to remove, use a screwdriver and place it into the slot while giving the handle a tap/rap with your hammer a couple times.

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