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Replacement parts for an Alltrade Random Orbit Finish Sander, Model 1712-A-313?


Hi - I have an Alltrade Random Orbit Finish Sander, Model 1712-A-313. This sander has served me well for a few years. Now it springs into action as soon as I connect the air-hose, regardless of weather, the trigger is up or down. The only way I can stop it while connected to air is by using the throttle control at the side (screwdriver slot).
Since any manual or parts list I may have had has been misplaced or lost I thought I would come to you for some suggestions before trying to disassemble or otherwise molest the machine. Any and all help is appreciated. Don


Hello Don,
Your unit is about 12 or 13 years old. So, no parts exist at this point. The unit was made in Japan about 1983 and they went bankrupt shortly thereafter. While they were good units, I would suggest you taking it to someone that does air tool repair for disassembly because they're not that easy to work on if you’re not familiar with air tools. From my remembering of the internal components, I think it's something quite simple and not too costly to repair.

Thanks for asking,


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