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Parts List for an Alltrade 2 ton Power Puller?


Dear Carl,
I have an Alltrade 2 ton Power Puller (similar to model# 640809 and 410247) that I need the top ratchet pawl lever assembly. There is no model number on the device or original carton only a stock number#: 210-G-2. It is an Alltrade two ton puller with a 13' cable - 3/16th diameter.

When attempting to expand the cable's length to fit the load (by releasing the top ratchet pawl lever and the bottom (locking) ratchet pawl lever ... the handle (to the top pawl) literally shattered in my hand.

If at all possible, could you please supply me with a parts list so that I can identify the specific part that I need so that I may order it. Installation is not a problem, I can do that ... I just need the part!

Your help in this matter would be appreciated.

Note: the power puller wasn't even under a load at the time, I was simply increasing the cables length to attach to the load.


Hello Alan,
The unit you have is about 15 years old and we no longer manufacture it. As for parts, we do not carry parts for this puller because they were very inexpensive ($15.00) units. You can still find inexpensive units from Harbor Freight stores located in major California locations.

Thanks for asking,


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