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Where can I get another handle for a woodsplitting maul with an 8.5 inch head?


I have a wood splitting maul with an 8.5 inch head and a 34 inch handle. It has been sitting in an Arizona garage for 20 years. The handle was very dry when I used it last weekend. I hit the wood I was trying to split on the back side of the face of the log, and the handle split.

I am wondering where I can get a new handle that fits it?

I should have soaked the handle in water for a week before I used it, and remembered to hit the close side of the log face when I was trying to split it!


Hello Larry,
Yep, your right, soaking the handle would have prevented your problem. Sitting around has a tendency to dry out the wood although, a coat of varnish has a tendency to retain wood moisture but, not for 20 years. There should be no problem to find a handle at Home Depot or Lowe's or any old time hardware store. Cut off the handle close to the head and use a large pin punch to drive out pieces of the handle. Using a piece of glass or a file, shave the new handle down to fit the eye detail and place the head onto the handle. Then, with the head in the air, slam the handle end down onto anything solid to force the head down until it seats properly. Cut off the excess, place a new wood wedge into the slot provided and, using a piece of metal the same width as the wedge, hammer it all the way down as the original. Next, use the metal wedges you punched out of the old head, drive them fully into the new handle. This should last the rest of your life.

Thanks for asking,


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