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Alltrade drill bit issues?


I have a 55 pc power drill bit set #480462. I have had problems with several of the bits losing sharpness even on wood. Two bits broke in wood, another bent like a pretzel. First Alltrade product I have had issues with.


Hello Patrick,
I understand your concern with the drill bits. I've just reviewed the specifications for your set and as far as I can see, the titanium bits appear to be properly “roll forged” which should assure their hardness. I believe that the problem you’re having is with the small diameter i.e., 1/16, 1/8 and 3/16 sizes (as these do have a tendency to break when drilling into wood). The big problem with wood is that its hardness is inconsistent. On one hand, the growth rings are hard and dense but, the area between the growth rings are very soft. While drilling, the force applied must be into the axis of the drill bit or straight down the center of the bit, so when your bit goes from hard to soft or from soft to hard areas within the wood, the smaller sized bits break due to the fact that a hand held drill cannot be kept in a 90 degree position to the wood surface. The only way to drill wood with smaller bit sizes is to use them in a drill press. The fact that you’re having this problem is not your fault or a fault of these bits. It's just matter of physics. I'm sure you've noticed the Brad Point Bits in this set are designed for wood drill with a center point to eliminate the bits from skating over the wood, as well as, providing a clean surface hole. As for the dulling of the tips and the bending of the bit shafts; I have no excuse for that problem only to admit that they have definitely not been properly hardened. Be that as it may, we would be happy to replace any bits you feel necessary, so please call our customer service department 1-800-423-3598. Give them your model number along with the sizes you wish replaced, and we will be happy to send them muy pronto. I thank you for bringing this to our attention as our field inspectors, as well as, the test labs will be advised for stricter quality control.

Thanks for asking,


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