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Switches on an old Skil model 681 1/2" reversible drill?


I have a old Skil model 681 1/2" reversible drill. The switch went out and the only replacement I could find was a Milwalkee High/low speed switch. The two switches are identical but I cannot remember the wiring details. I have 3 lines from the cord, of course the green grounds out the body, but the white and black wires and the 4 wires from the drill body 2 long black(I believe go the two rear screws on the high low switch) but the red and black along with the white and black must attach to the trigger end of the switch, but I am not sure which one goes where. Could you please let me know the wiring sequence or where I could find out? I hesitate just hooking them up and turning it on. Thanks Bill Gardiner


Hello Bill,
I'm sorry but we're not familiar with your drill type. All of our units were made in Taiwan and have different components. I'm sure your unit is of USA manufacture and you therefore may need to consult Skil customer service in your area. In event there are no Skil CS's locally, you may try contacting any of the local authorized repair facilities who contract with USA Mfr'd products. They may be able to address your request.

Thanks for asking,


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