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Where can I find a 7.2V 6-cell power pack battery replacement?


I have an Alltrade electric rechargeable tool kit which includes a drill, scroll saw, sander, etc. The Performance Tough Pro Series Rechargeable 7.2V 6-cell power pack has bit the dust. Where can I find a replacement battery? The one I have is dead and says on it "Made in Honk Kong". I can't travel that far. Can I find a replacement somewhere in the USA, or on-line????


Hello Haden,
That set was made for Home Base under their private brand of Performance Tough ,and was the only set of its kind that we imported in the early 90's. I think other factories have 7.2v units but not sure which ones. I suggest trying other imported units like Makita, Hitachi, and the like. Try some of the catalog houses like Northern Hydraulics or Harbor Freight and maybe Sears. Your set was sold for one sell through and was discontinued by Home Base, who has since gone out of business.

Thanks for asking,


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