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Questions about my drill press model# 1960-D-513N?


Hi Carl, I have a drill press model# 1960-D-513N, I am trying to adjust the speed by moving the band to a different pulley; however, when i loosen the nut to release the motor I find that it really doesn’t loosen much and the motor is at its looses point the band is still too tight, I imagine it’s the wrong band is being used. The band has a make description, made by Goodyear? Can you tell me what size band is the correct one, and if possible send me the instructions on this model.


Hello Jerry,
I think you may be using the wrong belt size. When using the proper size, there is plenty room to do the change of speed. I'm trying to find my old info for all our imported drill presses but haven't found anything thus far. If memory serves me, I think the belt you’re looking for is either k28 or k29.5 but these are numbers of Taiwanese belts. Maybe a K32 may fit but at this point, I'm not sure.

Thanks for asking,


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