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What are the lead warnings on the Kawasaki cordless drill?


Hi "Carl".
This may be out of your area, but what can you tell me about the warnings on the box and in the booklet of my new Kawasaki cordless drill that urge me to wash my hands after using the tool because of the lead in the plastic that the tool and the cord are made of? What happens if I forget? Why is there lead in the plastic? Do all plastic tools have lead in the plastic?
Thanks, Steve


Hello Steve,
Yes, many of the items in today’s market have lead in both paints and plastics, as well. This is a "Safe Harbor Warning" which was started by attorneys in California when they found out that lead is harmful to children and, was another way of generating business for themselves. Since this was started, almost all manufacturers are now requiring that future products do not have any lead content even though the levels have been found to be so small that lab rats were not harmed. Still the thought exists that harm may occur. We've been subjected to lead in many products for the last 100 years and to date, no one has suffered.

Thanks for asking,


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