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Do you sell a kit that comes with a jig saw and a reciprocating saw?


I'm a new home owner and have been doing all the mods to my house with hand tools and borrowed tools. I've just started comparing different cordless kits. Your kits seem to be my best option but in my comparison I can get one of your kits with a jig saw and the other with a recip. saw. Do you know if you guys will be offering a kit with both or at least offer your jig or recip. saw to be sold separately. I don' t want to have to buy a whole kit to get one tool. Thank you


Hello James,
Your right in understanding that the Kawasaki is best. However, we do not plan on offering both the jig and reciprocating saw in a set. You can call our customer service number 1-800-423-3598 to see if they have any of the reciprocators or jigs as individual units in stock. I'm not located at the plant as I'm retired and live about 100 miles away. If they have these units, they can quote prices to you.

Thanks for asking,


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