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My 19.2 v Kawasaki batteries don't work with my other cordless drills?


I have registered for the replacement charger. My question is that my batteries do not seem to hold a charge as long as my other cordless drills, i.e. Milwaukee, Black & Decker and Dewalt. Will the new charger correct this problem or is the inherent with the 19v Kawasaki?


Hello Anthony,
I understand your concern but I don't feel you fully understand the interior workings of batteries. You can relate them to rolls of toilet paper: where one roll may have 500 sheets and another may have 400 or even 350 sheets (making the lower sheet count less expensive than the larger roll). The same applies to batteries. Here, all these batteries (like toilet paper) have the same function, or in this case, the same voltage. Companies like Dewalt (being US made) who offer "longer sheets" but also comes with a higher expense to the consumer. Similar with Milwaukee, (also being US made) but they offer slightly more sheets along with a considerable higher cost than that of their competitors: Black & Decker and Kawasaki. Both of these companies provide "lower sheet counts" (or shorter battery life) but, they provide it at a lower cost to the consumer. In the end, all of these companies offer the same kind of "toilet paper roll" (or voltage, in this matter) but, it’s the companies that offer the same high voltage function at a much lower purchasing cost will do well. I hope I've given you the info you’re looking for and if I can be of further help, please email me.

Thanks for asking,


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