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Can I use a 21.2v charger to charge 19.2v batteries?


I have a 19.2v Kawasaki kit that I bought through Costco. Two of the tools were duplicates of other cordless tools. I have purchased a charger that says it is a Kawasaki 21.2v. It has the same amperage. Can I use this charger to charge the 19.2v batteries? Thanks for your quick response.


Hello James,
I understand your problem and, Yes, you can use the 21.6 V charger to charge the 19.2 V batteries. But, understand there are two styles of chargers here, a 1 hour unit and a 3 to 5 hour unit. The 1 hour unit will have a tendency to charge the battery faster which will cause heat buildup while the 3 to 5 hour unit will charge slower with less heat buildup. If you’re using a 1 hour unit, just watch for excessive heat on the battery. If you feel it's getting too hot, stop the charge cycle, and allow the battery to cool down before recharging again. Heat is a big enemy to batteries so, be careful and spread out the charge time.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for asking,


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