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What blades can be used for the Kawasaki cordless tool set?


I bought the Kawasaki cordless tool set @ Costco. The directions for the reciprocating saw do not say what blades I can use for the saw. Can you let me know?
Thank you


Hello Howard,
There are two items which you must consider here: The size of the center hole for the saw arbor(10mm) and, the diameter of the blade. First, the blades are 5 1/2" (140mm)diameters and can be found at most Home Depots, Lowe's and, Ace Hardware Stores. But, while they do exist, due to the fact that the size has not been as popular as their 7 1/4" electrical units, you will be limited to the units available in the market. In the event you have difficulty in finding what you need, try calling Grizzly Tool at
1-800-523-4777. They have a single, 24 tooth carbide at $14.95. They also carry a three pack (24T, 30T, 78T) at $39.95. Hope this helps.

Thanks for asking,


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