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Can you tell me how to take apart my Alltrade air hammer model #1800-A-7 so I can fix it?


I have an Alltrade air hammer (serial #813579, model #1800-A-7). The cylinder /plunger has froze up & I need to know how to take the hammer apart so I can fix it. Can you tell me how to do this?


Hello Bobbie,
You have an old unit (circa 1988)but it’s a work horse so I must assume that the last time you used it, you failed to run some oil through it so it would start right up at the next use. Anyway, if you have a vise, place the handle in it so the barrel is upright and remove the spring retainer. Shoot some WD 40 or any bolt loosening oil into the opening where your bits normally fit and allow it to set over night. Remove it from the vise and with the barrel pointed down, rap it down against a piece of wood. It may take several taps but that should loosen the piston so it can operate properly when air is applied. If you’re still having problems with the piston not loosening, get back to me so I can walk you through disassembly. These units should be oiled into the air inlet (5 or 6 drops of Marvel Mystery Oil) prior to use as well as after use, prior to storage. The oil is available at any auto parts store.

Thanks for asking,


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