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Blade safety lock button on a circular saw?


Hello Carl, I recently purchased a "green" 19.2V Kawasaki cordless set (drill/flashlight/circular saw/reciprocating saw) and the circular saw doesn’t rotate, checking the manual it describes the blade safety lock button, but I don’t know how to remove that lock button because it does not move.
Can you please help me with this issue?


Hello Armond,
O.K., let’s see what we have here:

1.  Was this a unit that was sold and returned and restocked at your place of purchase?
2.  If this was a new unit with the 4 color wrapper still attached, was the blade attached when you  opened the case?
3.  If the battery is installed, please remove it.
4.  With the blade properly installed, grab the blade and work it forward and backward a couple times.
5.  The blade safety lock button is spring loaded and may have a small piece of plastic die flange attached restricting the movement. Using a pair of pliers, grasp the blade lock button and pull up slightly to loosen it so the spring allows the button to spring back into its detent position.
6.  The blade arbor shaft has a flat spot that the blade lock button engages for the blade assembly operation. There is a possibility that the lock button was engaged when the switch was triggered. This could cause the lock button to stay in the locked position restricting the blade movement. Please go through the various scenarios to determine if the button becomes dislodged. If nothing else helps, it may require return of the unit for a replacement.

Thanks for asking,


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