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Would the 14 volt Kawasaki 1/2 drive cordless impact take off lug nuts?


I'm looking at purchasing a 14 volt Kawasaki 1/2 drive cordless impact. I am only going to use this to take off lug nuts. From what I understand is that it will not break them loose (torqued at 90 ft. lbs.)  I was planning on breaking them loose first and using the gun to take them all the way off. What do you think about this gun? Do you think it will suit my needs?


Hello Brian,
That unit is really a work horse nut. You’re correct in the understanding that it will not break loose those lug nuts as it will require upwards of 210ftlbs and then you could use the 14.4 to remove them. If you have a compressor, an impact would perform the same operation, as well as, be able to perform other automotive engine projects that the cordless could not. But, if the removal of tires is all you would use the unit for, good way to go.

Thanks for asking,


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