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What are the black diamonds for on the AllTrade 35' wideload XL Fractionier?


I have bought the All Trade 35' wideload XL Fractionier. I noticed it has black diamonds every 19 and 3/16 inches. What are they for?


Hello Chad,
If you've ever noticed in some of the newer homes, contractors are using a different style of joists that have either plywood or wafer board  sandwiched between two by fours and looks like "I" beams. These units are called “engineered lumber” and because of the structure, they are stronger, which in turn, allows them to be placed at greater distances between joists and that distance that happens to be about 19 3/16" (rather than the regular 16" on center). That diamond mark, therefore, appears on your tape at every 19 3/16" for layout of those special joists. Now that you’re an expert on those marks, you
can go out and show everyone how much you know about building. Hope this helps with your question.

Thanks for asking,


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