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Where can I find a small all-in-one Alltrades tool set?


Two years ago, I bought my daughter, (who was going out on her own) a small Alltrades tool kit at BJ's. It was in a handy foldout carrying case and had a nice assortment of household tools: hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, utility knife, etc. I'm looking for another one for my son now, but can't find it anywhere. The only kits seem to be for mechanics or for air guns. None of them have a hammer! Is the kit still made and where can I find one locally?


Hi Mike,
It's difficult to determine which set you have reference to. Is it possible you could provide us with a Model number so we could do some research? Many of these tool sets are designed for a single sell through. Customers like B.J.'s often request a particular type of set for a certain Holiday and discontinue same when that holiday is over. Perhaps some other retailer in your area may have a similar set but we do need more info such as: the model number, or some components listing so our search is not limited to a single retailer. If nothing else, an emailed photo would also help establish a general array of sets in that category. We'll do our best!!



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