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Best way to remove vinyl flooring from wood flooring?


Hi Carl,
I will be purchasing a house in Richmond, VA. The house was built in 1951 and the kitchen has vinyl flooring over hardwood floors. My intention is to remove the vinyl flooring (that is anyway coming off) and expose the hardwood flooring. Although I keep hearing horror stories from almost every person I speak to, I am convinced it can be done without too much hassle.
Do you have any suggestions regarding what would be an ideal and convenient way this process can be handled?
Thanks you


Hello Shamit,
You bet it can be done. Dependent on which adhesive was used for the installation of the Vinyl, the best bet is to either rent or purchase a Heat Gun. Using this gun, practice to determine just how much heat will be required to lift the Vinyl. You should be able to lift the entire piece in this manner without much trouble. Afterwards, you will need to rent a commercial floor sander to rid your floor of the mastic residue. When renting your sander, request their input to the best method of obtaining the finish you need to restore the wood, to the finish require.
With proper research, your project should turn out to be something to be proud of but, you must be ready to do it properly and not skimp on any part of the project. Do it right and do it only once!
Good Luck-

Thanks for asking,


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