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20 Gal Air Compressor


Just bought this unit. Doesn't have enough oil to put into engine for break-in procedure. It only reaches the bottom of the red dot in window. Not enuf oil to run for 20 min. Start up. That is absolutely bull snitz. Now I have to start my truck up and drive 12 Kms ( 24 ) return because you do not do your job at the factory. I am 1 1/2 hrs west of Edmt and am seriously thinking of running this compressor back to Cost-co . R milligan


I believe that I replied to you via my email but due to ongoing problems with my emails I am unable to find your inquiry or my response.  Sorry you were unhappy with the oil supplied with the unit.  These are shipped directly to Costco so we are not able to examine the units.  Did you return the unit or did you accquire additional oil since you felt the amount was not adequate?  Please let me know your final decision.



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