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What to replace Compressor with?


Hi, Got a compressor at Kragens in 97 or near that year. Single tank electric, sitting or tool plate on top, wheels... Once I realized it could vibrate headbolts loose and put 3 back down, found equivalent for 4th and liberal use of locktite it was GREAT. Until some bastard stole it. Anyway I need to get a new one. Any suggestions for solid unit that sells for around 100 usd (adjusted or not for oil down so EVERYTHING else up???)? Thanks.


Via my email I suggested that you go online to toolsmithdirect.com to see if you could find a comparable unit.  As I have been having ongoing problems with my email I am not sure if you received that message.  Could you please let me know if you received my original email and if you found a compressor you liked.

Thanks for asking,





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