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Instructions for fitting attachments into the chuck?


There are no instructions for fitting attachments into the chuck. The tools shaft is larger than the nut. So, what’s the secret to putting a bit/tool in pace??


Since we've several models, all I can do is assume that you have a unit which has three different sized arbor shafts, 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8". Toward the chuck end is a button which, when depressed, keeps the shaft from turning. Along the bottom of the case is a wrench with a little hook on it and that is used to either, tighten or loosen the chuck. Match the shaft of the drill or other item to the size of the chuck collets, (which are normally located on the right top) under the clear cover. Remove the chuck nut, remove the collet under the chuck and, replace it with the correct size collet, whichever hole size matches the drill or other shaft you wish to use. Replace the chuck nut. Insert the drill or other shaft you want to use. Using the wrench mentioned before, depress the button on the side of the tool and, tighten the chuck to make sure the shaft does not turn inside the chuck collet. At this point, you’re ready to begin your project. Hopefully, this is all the info you need as everything else is self explanatory. Good luck with your projects.

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