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What size chuck key fits an Alltrade, model # 962-D-513 drill press?


I have a drill press made by Alltrade, model # 962-D-513. It was manufactured in 1982, yea it’s old. I need a chuck key. Do you know what size? It is a 1/2 inch chuck.


Hello Ian,
On the side of the chuck are numbers designating the chuck model and with that info, you should be able to get a matching key but, if you are having trouble finding a key in that manner, remove the chuck and take it with you to a hardware store so you can provide your own match. In event you wish to remove the chuck, it's really not that simple but can be done with a  wedge shaped piece of wood placed just above the chuck and struck with a hammer. The spindle that the chuck is placed onto is tapered and fits into a tapered cavity in the chuck. The fit between the two is a friction fit. Due to the fact that the Taiwanese manufacturers used several different chucks, there is no way of determining the proper key. I hope this helps.

Thanks for asking,


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