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Replacement parts for an Alltrade model MB8 1996B3 12 inch band saw?


I Have a 1984 Alltrade model MB8 1996B3 12 inch band saw that is missing the knob and whatever on the very top, (looks like it raises the wheel up and down). Also need a blade, someone gave it to me like this so I don't have a clue, do you?


Hello Hal,
Your unit was discontinued by the factory in 1986 and no parts exist for it anymore. As near as I can remember, the blade tension adjustment knob on top was screwed onto a metric machine screw, about 4mm in diameter. Since no parts exist, you'll have to make do with knobs on the market. The blade for your unit was a 56 to 56 1/2" long and can be purchased from Grizzly Industrial (1-800-523-4777). Other items may not be available from anyone. Hope this helps.

Thanks for asking,


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