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Tradespro twin stack air compressor 2hp 4 gal (i believe model 835446T)


Hi Carl, I am trying to resuscitate the above compressor after rescuing it from the scrap day garbage and have run into a few questions. As my compressor parts terminology is somewhat novice, I will try and describe everything the best i can, but can easily send you pictures of exactly what parts and areas I am talking about if that makes it easier - I have downloaded the manual and will try and identify the parts via the diagram. I would also like to mention that I believe this compressor is an older model as the pressure gauges are not located together on the pressure switch, but have one there and one located on the opposite end of the top tank with an outlet value and gauge there. First, I have noticed that when turning the compressor on and it filling up, the two gauges read different pressures - the pressure gauge on the pressure switch will only wind up reading about 60 psi before cut off while the pressure gauge located on the outlet valve will wind up reading closer to 100 psi. Second, I noticed that there was leaking at the coupler that connects the upper tank to the pressure switch. I took this apart and the green gasket located inside the coupler is all but gone. I also noticed that there was leaking at the pressure switch intake threads - and apparently someone tried to seal it with a glue like substance. Can you let me know what the gasket part number is that is located inside the coupler so that I can order a new one? Or is this something I can simply find at my local big box or hardware store? Third, after messing with and cleaning the compressor up, I noticed that it began to have some issues with starting the compressor when the pressure had dropped below the cut in. I would hear something like a solenoid click and hum for a few seconds but the air compressor would not start up. If I turned the switch to off and then back to on again, the compressor would restart without a problem. Do you have any ideas on how to remedy this? Lastly, I noticed that the compressor finned pipe becomes warm/hot fairly quickly - perhaps after only a minute or so of running. The bottom of the release pipe is also warm as is the body of the compressor itself (where the oil leveler is). Is this normal? I believe the oil level is at the correct level as it is near the top of the center dot on the viewing leveler. Everything else on the compressor seems to be in good condition and it appears to function somewhat normally with the exception of the above. Thank you for your time and help, I look forward to hearing from you. Best, James


As you know we have been communicating about this via my email.  Some of the inquiries I receive come through 2 different emails.



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