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3/8 inch 18v cordless drill/driver


Carl, About a week or so ago I sent in a question regarding a trades pro drill, but haven't heard from you yet. The charging station is not showing a light when plugged in. There is no power from the battery, but I don't know if it is the charging station or battery that's the problem. Can you help? By the way I live in Torrance and get to your facility in 20 minutes. Thsnks Bob


This was answered via my email but we wanted to apologize for the delay.  Carl is legally blind.  I read his emails to him, and he dictates the answers for me to send out.  Unfortunately I have been ill and thus the delay in replying.  Also we will be leaving on a vacation/business trip this week returning in August.  We don't always get all emails when we are on the road so if you haven't done so already do call Alltrade customer service.  

Mrs. Carl


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