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21.6V vs. 19.2V Tools


I own a 21.6V Kawasaki Combo Tools Set. My batteries don't hold a charge as long as they used to and now my charger has gone out. I contacted AllTrade about a new charger and they aren't currently in stock. My question is are my tools able to be used with the current 19.2V batteries and charger that are readily available? They look identical to my 21.6V batteries from pictures I have seen. I wouldn't mind investing in new 19.2V batteries and a charger if they would power my tools. I would love to have new batteries that would hold a charge better. And I haven't seen any new 21.6V batteries available either. Right now I have a useless set of tools with my charger not working. Even if the power of 19.2V was not as powerful as 21.6V, I wouldn't care to get working tools again. Thanks!


This was answered via my email.  Have you obtained a new battery or contacted Prime Cell.  Please let me know.



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