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I Am New To The World Of Air Compression...


I am new to the world of air compression and have just purchased compressor 647376 with the intent of using it as an emergency inflator for tires and possibly with air tools in the future as my skills expand.However, there seems to be a large number of FAQ's with this unit regarding it not starting/ stopping or air pressure not building/ escaping, especially when the unit is used infrequently, as mine will be.
As mentioned, I am new to the world of air compression and I do not possess the skills to repair this unit myself if it experiences problems. I would therefore much appreciate an honest response as to the expected durability/ reliability of this unit.
Thank you. (Marvin)


Hello Marvin,
The unit you purchased is a great unit when the user reads and understands all the information provided with the compressor. Probably, the users do not follow all the printed details as related to both the electrical needs as well as the maintenance. This particular unit was designed primarily for the do-it-yourselfers who perform small projects around the home such as using air nailers, air staplers, and the occasional air inflation, small air tools like drills, sanders and small paint sprayers. Please understand that your unit will not be capable of powering impact wrenches for the removal of tires. Most air tools require a 90 lb pressure and while this unit can perform at 90 lbs but, for a very short time, as those tools require anywhere from 25 to 30 gallon tank capacity. Tools requiring the higher pressure usually use up air faster than your unit can produce it. Now, for most home owner needs, this unit is ideal and in event you need the higher pressures, couple your unit with a spare tank that can be purchased from someone that has a unit that is worn out but the tank is still usable. As I'm retired and do lots of work around the home, I've picked up a couple used tanks to provide the necessary tank capacity for my many air tools and heavy usage paint guns. Always use the compressor on a dedicated circuits of 20A capacity and keep the condensation emptied and above all, do not use any extension cords as they reduce voltage causing output problems.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for asking,


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