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Kawasaki Sticky Tools


Carl, Help, I’m getting desperate in Dallas. We have 3 large sets of Kawasaki tools that are all suffering from the sticky black handle issue plaguing Kawasaki tools owners. I store the tool set cases on the concrete garage floor next to an air conditioned (70°F year round) room and don’t believe that the storage temperature inside the cases exceeds 85°F. I have tried wiping them down with 70% alcohol and nearly removed all of the black coating and made an incredible mess with all of the carbon black in the rubber coating. I’ve tried talcum powder and they still seem tacky, but they are also all blotchy looking. Does All Trade Tools have real instructions on how to clean up this mess? So far I’ve spent hours on this and probably ruined the case of one of my flashlights. Please help. Sincerely, Douglas Long


This was answered via my email.


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