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clé dynamométrique


Hello, my name is René Couture is the message I am writing for information regarding a torque wrench ½ "Inches I own a torque wrench of the brand" Powerbuilt "ensured noticed I n ' not have the model number of my torque wrench because the original label on the torque wrench is gone, here is the description of my torque wrench: ½ "inches for the sleeves, the torque is: 10-150 Foot and 1.4 Pounds Mr. KGS 20.7. I wonder if it is possible to order the spare parts to repair my wrench? because I have to replace the two springs and two small metal pallets that are located in the head of my key torque, if it is possible to order the spare parts to repair my torque wrench is it possible to have the price of the relevant parts? I want to know how much it would cost me to ship it to me in the mail parts concerned because I demeurre Becancour Quebec, ensured returned your answer to the following website: cooki1968rc@gmail.com Merci.René Couture PS If you need a picture of my torque wrench for identification since the model has more original label ensure ask me to you and I sent a picture of you send.


Hello Rene,

Please send a picture of your torque wrench to my email - blankc@charter.net.  I believe I know what you need but would like to see the unit to be sure.  Sorry for the delay in answering but I have been on vacation.

I look forward to your reply,


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