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Replacement items for an Alltrade Model MB-8 (1996-B-3) 12 in. band saw


I have an Alltrade Model MB-8 (1996-B-3) 12 in. band saw. Are belt and blades available? Also I could use an owner’s manual.


Hello Bill,
Your unit was made in 1984 or 85 and no more parts exist for this unit. It was made by a company named King Feng Fu (KFF for short), and they went bankrupt shortly thereafter. I'm sure we still have parts manuals for it but it may not do you any good due to lack of parts. As for blades, they still exist in the market, as other early on brands use that size also. I'll check with our parts dept for a copy of the manual when I go there next month. I work from home since I'm retired. Please bear with me till then.

Thanks for asking,


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