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Broken ratchet


I have been trying to get help in fixing my broken 1/2" PowerBuilt ratchet. I originally called the 800# on the box that my set came in. The lady that I talked to was very helpful. She told me to take a picture of the ratchet and email it along with the part# for the set, my name, address, and phone number. I have sent multiple emails to service@alltradetools.com with no response. Last week I sent an emial to info@alltradetools.com and have not gottem a response back from that either. The tools set has a lifetime warranty but if I can't get any kind of service then the warranty is not doing me any good. I am a mechanic and use this ratchet almost on a daily bases. I have always recommended PowerBuilt tools to my coworkers because they seem like they are high quailty tools at a resonable price, but I'm starting to question that because I can't get any service to help in getting my ratchet fixed. Please help in resolving this problem.

Hello Jamie,

Have you received your replacement ratchet?  Please let me know.



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