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Tradepro 3/8" impact wrench 14.4V


I just bought this and started charging the battery at 7:00 PM last night. As of 9:20 AM today, the red light is still on (on the charger) and the battery is warm. I know it says 8-10 hours in the manual initially and 3-4 hours normally. Should I unplug it and use it, recharge it or leave it charging all day?


This was answered via my email, and I received your reply including the model number.  Please remember that this is an inexpensive unit designed for the do-it-yourselfer and is not of commercial quality.  Please remember to remove the battery after 3-4 hours of charging and to disconnect the charger.  These units are susceptible to heat damage and the battery and charger should not be left in the charging state more than the recommended time.  Have you had the opportunity to use the unit again and recharge the battery?  Please let me know.





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