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snap on pressure washer

I used my brand new power washer for the first time on cleaning my deck and lawn mower. After I completed those projects, I shut the water off to do other projects. My wife informed me later that there is a motor or something running outside. To my surprise the washer motor was running on it's own. Nothing touching the trigger and now it won't work. It must have had a bad switch to start up on it's own sometime while I was away. I tried to wash the mold off of the facia of my building out in the backyard and there is little pressure now. Just the garden hose pressure. I was happy with the performance of the machine for my first project, but am very upset it started up on it's own before my next project and won't perform other than making noise like it's going to run. Per the owner's manual I tried to call into 1-888-278-8092 during the hours you are supposed to be in operation per the message, but to no availability. So I am now emailing my concerns. Rick Grunhovd 1206 West I Street Forest City, IA 50436 at (641) 585-3202


To be certain that we address your question properly, I have requested information from our engineer and will advise you when I have conferred with him.

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